After days struggling with the new Mail 5, there has been a breakthrough. I finally fix the problem and Apple Mail 5 is now working with the Mbox Mail for Mac. As there is still some more work to do to pack the programs, as a support i hope somebody could make me some donation. As a preview, a screenshot is shown below. I will release my work as soon as I finish and the donation reach US$100, please comment and notify me after donation. Thanks a lot! =]

Okay, I give up. Go here:
Fix Mbox Mail for Mac on Lion, works Apple Mail 5

3 thoughts on “Mbox Mail for Mac works on Lion with Apple Mail 5”

  1. Would love to donate about $10 US… The PayPal page shows “HKD.” Is that Hong Kong Dollars or what? Just want to make sure I don’t stiff you.

    1. Thanks a lot, it gives me power. The PapyPal problem is fixed now. I really appreciate that, no matter weather the money is settled. =]

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