Capitalizing Words in Javascript

This is a very old draft stuck at the bottom of my draft list. lol [sourcecode language=”javascript”] var str = "hello world"; str = str.toLowerCase().replace(/b[a-z]/g, function(letter) { return letter.toUpperCase(); }); alert(str); //Displays "Hello World" [/sourcecode] Making it as a function, we can do this. [sourcecode language=”javascript”] function capitalize(str) { return str.toLowerCase().replace(/b[a-z]/g, function(letter) { return letter.toUpperCase();…

InstaMusic Version 1.0.1

Version 1.0.1 Changelog Fixed music pausing bug Fixed bug to open now playing with no song Fixed bug such that music should stop after playing the last song Fixed minor bug that now playing screen will be opened when notification is clicked Fixed bug that the app crashed when back is pressed during song playing