Mail Checker

Thank you if you are using my extension. I am happy that so many people like my program. This is one of the most satisfying program I ever made.

And also thank you those people on the internet who help me debug and give me suggestions. I like coding and I am also a perfectionism. I want my productions to be enhanced and improved with my greatest effort.

This extension is originally called “Mail Checker (Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail): Nicholas Workshop”. However google only allow 45 characters. T^T

Please note that i can’t make gmail checking on the popup windows as Google doesn’t allow it. And Yahoo Mail is quite unstable (after I access it will this extension millions times). Chrome cannot shrink the popup when the things inside is shrink. This is chrome’s problem I think.

Mail Checker: Nicholas Workshop 

I know it has bugs, just tell me if you find any XD.
Please give comments.

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