My First Chrome Extension – Zoom Lock

Hi, these day I dug into the Google Chrome extension programming as I want to do something which can be used by public. I take a problem which may related to most of the people – Having a big monitor with low resolution. An alternative way to ease the problem would be zoom out the things and just like having a higher resolution.

There is no chrome extension and inbuilt functions which could lock the zooming of web pages. So that I wrote this extension which can conveniently zoom in out the page and even lock the zoom rate. If you are using Google Chrome, check it out!

Zoom Lock: Nicholas Workshop
Hope you enjoy it. =]
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5 responses to “My First Chrome Extension – Zoom Lock

  1. I am using 6.0.etc Beta Chrome. Zoom Lock does not work. I like the idea of having all my web pages set at something other then the standard zoom so if you fix the problem let me know. I will check your web site.Richard

  2. I would be happy if someone could just create an extension that would lock the zoom at what ever you currently have it set at, say at 100%. If I have the zoom set to 100% and I accidentally hit the ctl + wheel scroll or whatever the zoom holds at 100%. The current Zoom lock does not do this. Infact I do not even know what it does either them make it easier to zoom direct from the menu bar as apposed to going into the options. I see this is requested all over the place and I am curious as to why noone has been able to do this. Please help!!! Thanks!

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