Mbox Mail for Mac on Lion Fix, works with Apple Mail 5

Step 1:
Download my fix file here: Download Link (Link Updated)

Step 2:
Turn OFF Mbox Mail for Mac. (If you don’t have the menu bar icon, go to “System Preference”)

Step 3:
Open the downloaded file and drag “mBoxMail” to “mBoxMail Folder”

Step 4:
Turn ON Mbox Mail for Mac

87 responses to “Mbox Mail for Mac on Lion Fix, works with Apple Mail 5

  1. Thanks for this fix! My issue is that mBox won’t remember my license key and keeps telling me that my trial has expired. Do you by chance know to resolve this? Thanks again.

    1. Having the same problem here – continuously asks me to enter my mBox registration – tells me my trial is expired. Any ideas? Anyone?

      1. Ditto — even after I enter the registration key, the mBox helper shows the registration expired error every time I try to sync my mail :/

      2. Same here. HELP PLEASE!!! I don’t know what to do about this… i’ve registered a token for assistance on their website but have got no response….

      3. I submitted a support ticket through Fluent Factory as well asking for assistance last week and still no response. I did notice there was an updated version on their website which I downloaded and ironically I’m having the same issue… very frustrated – have had to resort to POP with rules and local mailboxes – no joy!

      4. License information can’t be written due to a rights problem. Follow the solution and your done. don’t forget the dot in steps 4 and 8.

        1. Stop and quit mBox
        2. Open Terminal
        3. cd /Library/Preferences
        4. sudo chmod 777 .
        5. sudo chmod 777 com.fluentfactory.MboxMail.plist
        6. Go to System Preferences and reregister. Quit and reenter to verify registration is persisted *
        7. Return to Terminal and make sure you;re in /Library/Preferences
        8. sudo chmod 755 .
        9. sudo chmod 644 com.fluentfactory.MboxMail.plist

    2. Waltman – You and Nicholas should get together – you’re both geniuses! Thanks! The suggestion worked! I’m back in business – Thanks a million!

  2. This works great for receiving but I cannot get it to work to send – it still won’t accept the SMTP password for sending mail… thoughts?

  3. I tried to drag that .dmg file into mBoxMail Folder as it won’t find the folder anywhere in my MacBook Pro. Any suggestion?

  4. The download links took me to Filesonic website, I clicked on the “slow download” button and it keeps coming back with an error message saying free users may only download one file at a time – I haven’t even started the download!

    Is there anywhere else this can be downloaded from?


    1. Please ignore my earlier message – have managed to download the update from another computer at a different location; must be a issue with my ip address…

      Anyway thanks for the update – all works now!

  5. Duuuuude,

    Happy Days!! Cant believe SW companies set up like MBox take money, then don’t do any updates. So Nicolas, thanks buddy!!!!

    Will donate, but was wondering who you were and what this (your) website actually is, the “About” page leaves no clues.

    1. Thanks a lot BlackMeister! Orz
      Yes my about page was untouched since opening this blog, thanks for reminding and I think its time for me to add some pages. LOL

  6. I’m sure you’ve got the message by now from all the comments above, but anyways…
    Thank you so much! This is such an amazing fix which you made so simple to use! Just can’t say it enough. 🙂

    I was wondering if you would also have any advice for another minor problem I have: I have always had to restart Mail (i.e. fully quit and re-open) to refresh my Windows Live inbox. Is there any way to make it refresh using the in-app “get new messages” button?
    (Thanks again – you are awesome)

      1. Is there a solution to the refresh/sync problem? I use mbox 1.0.6 on SL 10.6.8 and I have to quit Mail and re-open it to sync my hotmail and get all my messages through. So annoying! I’ve contacted Fluent Factory and they won’t help me.

  7. Thanks bro for the fix. Im having problems when getting new mail. I have my iPhone synced with hotmail using exchange, and when i receive an email i instantly receive a notification on the phone but not on the mac. When I clic “Get Mail’ on the mac nothing happens. It only works after I exit Mail and reopen it that it gets the new mail messages. Any thoughts.

    1. This has been a long issue with Mbox mail for mac, and it happened for me before Lion. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. Fluent Factory emailed me to say a fix will be released very soon, maybe it will fix a whole host of problems such as the one you’ve mentioned.

  8. Thanks for the fix! Awesome job.. 🙂

    I’m having a small issue though. When replying to a thread, I’m seeing the reply twice in the conversation. The email is received only once though. So its not sending it twice, just showing up twice. 🙁 Anyone else having the same issue? Any fix/tips? Thanks in advance.

  9. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong but the link about isn’t working for me. I double click the link and it takes me to a page that says ADF.LY. Then it says below it to click to continue. When I click it takes me to another page with this link: AdF.ly : shorten urls and earn money.
    Any idea what I can do to make this work? Once I did get it to download and it was a file that my computer couldn’t open.

  10. Could anyone else please confirm if they are having issues when sending emails? Getting the sent email twice in the sent items.

  11. Regarding the duplication of messages, it happened to me (before the Lion upgrade though).

    The way I fixed it was by unchecking the “store sent messages on the server” checkbox in the “mailbox behaviors” of the account properties (Mail->Preferences->Accounts->etc.)
    This way a copy is saved locally (that’s what you see in the “Sent” mailbox), and one is (I guess) saved by the server (and you see that in the account specific folder).
    Didn’t go into much detail to understand who saves where, but it was good enough for me.
    I also checked that the server itself keeps just one copy (by going through the web route).

  12. I have the same problem as Kymber, the link is taking me to a page that says ADF.LY. i tried different browser but still the same. any idea would be appreciated

  13. thanks for the fix, works perfectly you genius.

    now go and sell it to fluent factory so that the world is an easier place!

  14. Hello,
    I installed the mbox, I have 29 left in my trial.
    Then, I followed the instructions in the windows.
    turned off and I drag the file into the file mbox.
    What am I missing since I still having just 29 days?


  15. Did search for fix and found your site. Downloaded fix. MBox is now usable. You are awesome. Wish I had paid you for the app. Thanks.

  16. Hi, I used this fix and i am still getting the the prompt to enter the password..I tied the following:
    1)using the original mboxmail file, i tired the replace AUTH=PLAIN with 10 spaces fix, but no luck, still asks for password
    2)tried your thunderbird alternative, still no luck. I keep getting the message “Enter your password for xxxxx@live.com@localhost”

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you very much

    1. forgot to mention..when I used thunderbird for the 1st time, it was able to authenticate and it actually downloaded my messages from the server. but since then it stopped worked with giving the above mentioned message..thanks

  17. The file is now shown as deleted and therefore not available to download.
    Is this true as it sounded like the perfect fix to get Hotmail sub-folders onto my Mac’s Mail account?

  18. Hi!
    Question, my mbox is working fine, 3560 days…..
    Push is working fine, about a minute to get new mails in my inbox
    the thing is, not all my e-mails were synchronized, out of 2500 I just see 1180 in my inbox, same thing with the sent, I just have 400 out of 1600


  19. Nicholas –

    Installed your fix. It helped, but mBox mail for Mail 5 still isn’t working consistently. When I first open Apple Mail, it works fine. But it won’t check my mail again until I close mail and restart. Any ideas?


  20. hey, i downloaded the original file from fluentfactory, installed it, worked fine for a few days and then used your crack to extend the 30 days, i thought it worked, but apparently the 30 days have passed and it doesn’t work anymore…it says trial expired, so i tried waltman’s (see post above) idea, but no luck nether…i uninstalled mboxmail and its files from /Library/Preferences and /Library/Application Support/FluentFactory/ and reinstalled the original trial…and now it says connection fail (in red)…
    any ideas? i’d really appreciate your help! (i’m using lion 10.7.2)
    Please help me with that…

  21. hey,
    what about a trial that has been expired already?:
    things I tried:
    – reinstalling
    – your fix
    – manual fixes

    can you help me out??


  22. Same problem here, I can’t figure out where they store the “trial allready expired” info. I have also tried reinstalling, deleting all files manually,…

    Any help would be really great! Thanks.


  23. Same here. I purchased the software license over 6 months ago, used the fix and everything worked great, but all of a sudden I can only receive emails, not send them. Cannot connect to the smtp server.

  24. It appears that mBox mail added support for Lion in v1.0.6 and this fix is no longer necessary.

    Question Nicholas, I always get duplicate outgoing messages when using mBox Mail. Anybody else have this problem? I don’t have any weird rules or anything. I just always see 2 messages in my Sent folder for every 1 message I send. But in testing it, only one email ultimately goes out. Suggestions on a fix?


  25. hi – this is Marion – Amsterdam – I have a problem with my hotmail since i have a mac-book. When i see mail is coming in in my messenger i always opened them by clicking on this new mail. since i have the mac – i have to re-enter my keyword to enter hotmail. by doing this messenger stops. they keep telling that i’m logged in to another pc, what i’m not.

    What can i do to fix this problem ? i re downloaded messenger, also changed password. It doesn.t help?
    who can help me?

  26. Nicholas
    Great work on the mBoxMail fix – your updated link is down as a result of rapidgator no longer live as of around mid-May 2012.
    Is there a chance to repost elsewhere for download please? Very grateful in advance.

  27. I download the file about 2 weeks ago and Trail is about to expire in 17 days..i guess the crack is not working, right?

  28. Hi guys the download link DOES work – It just takes a couple of screens to click through until you actually get to the download page. Persevere and you will get it.

    Name of file: Mbox_Lion_Fix_0.1.dmg (5.3Mb)

  29. Had it working for years , then clean install , and stopped working , just found a translation of chinese fix , try this , was on this site before but cannot find , google how to do each part (eg edit host, or edit plist, etc ) worked for me with Mountain Lion

    1 download and install mbox mail for mac 1.0.6 from fluentfactory.com
    2 add “ secure.mfluent.com” to / etc / host
    3 open / library / preference / com.fluentfactory.MboxMail.plist
    4 edit value of LicenseTrialDays to 3650
    5 open / Library / Application Support / FluentFactory / mBoxMail / mbox.dat with any Sqlite3 manager
    6 edit value of table-> properties-> c_date to many years later like 2050
    7 finished and enjoy!

    1. Well i answer me, because i get the solution:
      1. Do a clean install and dont put something…
      2. add your account or do whatever you want with the program for active the 30 days trial period…
      3. add it archive http://www.mediafire.com/?53vtbac7yekqank in the route of your main disk Library/ApplicationSupport/Preferences and replace theit.
      4. Then enjoy!

  30. Would be nice if anyone has a fix for 10.8.X

    I have to open and close mail every time I want it to sync the folders. =/

    FluentFactory didn’t reply to my support ticket from 5 weeks ago. (put 3 tickets in actually)

  31. Please could someone give me clear instructions how to extend or override the trial period? My 30 day trial has ended. I´m not a techie so I need simple instructions please. The instructions by Marco seem good but how / what do i do? I mean where do I put the etc .

  32. Hi,
    Since Mbox Mail is out of business (because the recent IMAP capability of Outlook) I want to completely unisntall the application but no longer have the original install/uninstall .dmg

    Can you instruct me to manually uninstall all the related files?

    I’ve moved to the Trash the App itself, but I still receive links to the .Live IMAP service in the Mail Preferences, and the link at the bottom of that dialog box.

    Thank you, in advance.

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