InstaMusic Got 10,000 Downloads over Lunar New Year!

Happy lunar new year to all.

I am flattered. In less than a month since I put the InstaMusic to the Android Market on 27 Dec 2011, today it has already more than 10,000 downloads. To be honest, I never expected this.

If you are uninitialized, InstaMusic is a music player android application with simple and stylish outlook.

There are all kinda music player in the world, in my opinion, a player with style and an pleasant appearance would always become the famous one. Here I would like to thank you for downloading and trying InstaMusic. Especially those fans of minimalism who supported me and AndroidStatic who gave InstaMusic a pleasant review in the post “Instamusic Is A Minimal, Slick Music Player That You Should Download Now“.

Looking back the day that I began my developmement, the reason for me to kick started is that I was really unstatisfied with the music players on the Android Market. Admittedly, I am a perfectionist and I want every part of a music player to meet user’s ways of thinking. So, I hate album artworks to be scratched and unable to tell what album is it. I also hate a song sung by different artists will be will be isolated from the album. And millions of things to list.

Okay, let’s get back to talk about the my next build of InstaMusic. I am sorry for the long waited update. In code level, I really did an upside down on InstaMusic. And as expected, lock screen player is implemented already, but there are just some bug and pressure testing work to do before it can really come out to meet its users.

3 responses to “InstaMusic Got 10,000 Downloads over Lunar New Year!

  1. Hi, I was trying to download your app for the mac to hide documents. But a notice comes up saying that “the file can be only downloaded by the person who uploaded it” ?

    I would really like to download your app, thanks

  2. hey, buddy, can you make the ADs inside your app EVEN BIGGER, that would be perfect! of course, your product has stability issues.

  3. Love your music player, Instamusic! However, I have one request that would make it the PERFECT player….add search capabilities or when you have a list of Albums, Artists, etc, have the ability to jump to a letter!! When you have a very large music collection, without these features, the player is cumbersome to use.

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