Unable to install Homebrew

Unable to install Homebrew

Unable to install Homebrew with this? [crayon-565dfd2d193fe250980812/] What's happened [crayon-565dfd2d19414406913844/] Reason Probably you have multiple users on your computer. And you uninstalled the old Homebrew and trying to re-install it. Solution…

Ssh with password saved

Ssh is a very convenient way to remotely command or control other devices. We use ssh to push commits to git server, to access remote server, and even to manipulate…


將一個網頁從零開始,製作成一個美觀,有實際用途的網站,要的不只是時間,精力,還要靈感。從少時候用MICROSOFT FRONTPAGE,到現在只用DREAMWAVER打HTML,甚至用TEMPLATES例如GRID SYSTEM去加快製作流程,現在大多時間都不再是花在TECHNIQUE上,而是DESIGN上。近來我正替人做一個蛋糕網,我專登留了一些截圖,看看製作網頁的變化(其實都只是一天的時間LOL)。好了,中文不好,打字又慢,不打了,要看就看英文版吧XD。謝! ↓ ↓